Pulp Fiction In Chronological Order

Pulp Fiction is a classic. It’s one of those movies that you need to remind yourself to sit down and rewatch every couple of years, so that you don’t forget all the fun that Jules and Vincent get up to.

Digital Media Designer Noah Daniel Smith has put together an infographic that outlines the plot of Pulp Fiction in chronological order. The infographic is also available as a print, one which I am strongly considering buying.


Pulp Fiction In Chronological Order

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Pulp Fiction Displayed in Chronological Order

P.S. Do you know what Marcellus Wallace Looks Like?

What Marcellus Wallace looks like

For those of you who don’t know – Marcellus Wallace is a character played by Ving Rhames in Quentin Tarantino’s classic movie “Pulp Fiction.” Now that you know who he is, you may be curious to find out what he looks like. Fear not – The Oatmeal has come to the rescue with a handy guide to let you know what Marcellus Wallace looks like.

What marcellus wallace looks like
What Marcellus Wallace Looks Like