Quirk eMarketing Course has an annoying… quirk

Quirk eMarketing Textbook

I’ve just started a Digital Marketing course with the folks at Quirk Education. It’s a course I’ve been meaning to take for some time and I’ve finally taken the plunge. For a digital course, this one has an interesting… quirk.

The course material relies on the (very good) Quirk eMarketing text book. I already have a copy of this book that I received a year or two ago and it is a great resource. I am, however, not in South Africa and I will not be for the duration of this course.

sent an email to the course coordinator to ask if I could get the Kindle version of the text book. It is after all a distance learning course, and a digital one at that. The short answer was ‘no’.

I don’t like that I was not able to get the Kindle version as part of the course. I explained to the course coordinator that I am not interesed in the physical book as I won’t be in SA for the duration of the course. She responded that they would gladly send me the book once I return. I’m not really sure what good that will do me AFTER the course.

I was able to download a PDF version of the book, which is free for all, but the formatting is clumsy and browsing, scrolling and annotating the way I can in my Kindle is not possible. So now I have to spend the extra $25 and buy the Kindle version on Amazon. I’ll also have a book I won’t use once they post me the printed copy.

What peeves me even more, is that Kindle version I want actually costs $20 less than the printed version they want to send me.

Please don’t send me the $45 printed book, I would like the $25 Kindle version

For a distance learning course on digital marketing, I would have thought that this issue would have been addressed.

Who knew this would be so hard…