Sugru Story Page – How to create a great story about your brand

While looking for ways to repair a car mirror, I found Sugru. It’s like play dough that hardens in to permanent silicone – perfect for custom life hacks. The things I like most about Sugru is not their product though – it’s their story (or brand for a more traditional term).

One their Story page they actually have information about them, about how the product came to be, the upsets and near misses as well ad the triumphs and successes. It made me like them just by reading it. It make me like Sugru enough to write this blog post. The story is re-tellable, and it makes me see their team as people who followed their passion and not just another manufacturer cranking out a product. It humanises the brand and creates empathy in me.

Sugru’s Story

My favourite part of the page is “The bits we don’t have photos for:”


The Sugru Story Page



I received my Sugru in the mail and I made my first ‘thing.’

It holds my RSA secure key and solves two problems I had, namely 1) Where the hell is my key and 2) having to always tilt the key to the correct angle to be able to see the numbers (1s and 7s often got confused)