Go Missin – Usher and Diplo – Tune Of The Week

I haven’t been a fan of anything User has put out in the last 10 years or so. It’s all been textbook, by the numbers RnB with inane lyrics that border on infantile. In a word, boring.

Now though, the smoove-moving one has joined forces with Diplo (again) to put out the very intersting “Go Missin”. The off kilter, minor key affair is a very fulfilling collaboration. Diplo has a tendency to go underground from time to time, and Usher certainly helps raise things back to ground level. Usher’s cheese is similarly lent some legitimacy by Major D’s production.

Go Missin – Usher produced by Diplo

If I’m honest though, I would have loved to hear what ‘The Weeknd’ could do with this production. This record is definitely a step in the direction of Abel Tesfaye’s eery House Of Balloons.

Still, I had this on replay for more than a few spins.