Armand Van Helden U Don't Know Me

The Anatomy Of A Classic: Samples Used In Armand Van Helden’s “U Don’t Know Me”

After spending a night drinking wine and talking about House music with a couple of friends here in Costa Rica, one of the points discussed was how the classics keep being reinvented and reintroduced into the later works

While listening to Armand Van Helden’s 1999 House music classic “U Don’t Know Me” on the weekend, all I could hear was the drum line from JayDee’s “Plastic Dreams,” which is a favorite of my new buddy, Scott Polk. Well, that was after I got over the fact that this track had been released in 1999 and can still destroy a dance floor in 2011.

Armand Van Helden U Don't Know Me

This lead me to dig a little deeper into the construction of the track and look into some of the samples used in the song.

The first sample is on the Vinyl version and not on the YouTube video below and it’s a bit of an enigma as no one’s really sure of where it’s from. Some say it’s Charlton Heston from Planet Of The Apes, but honestly I could’t stand the movie so I can’t verify this.

“What was my problem with man you ask? No, I ask you what was man’s problem with me?”


JayDee – Plastic Dreams
This track is a classic dating back to 1993 and it was MASSIVE. I mean truly massive. You don’t need to listen very hard to hear the drum line that Armand used for You Don’t Know Me. The drums give the track great energy and were the first things that attracted me to U Don’t Know Me.

Strings + Chorus bass Line

Carrie Lucas- Dance With You

I have a soft spot for disco, and this track dating back to 1979 is one that will blow the windows out of the walls if dropped on the right dance floor. The strings on U Don’t Know Me are arguably one the tracks greatest assets and this is where they originated from. Check at the 2:58 mark and you’ll hear them loud and clear. The bass line used on the chorus was also lifted from the Carrie Lucas single. Mr VH did one hell of a job phatenning up the elements, but musically not much was changed from the original.

I love looking at the way music is made, especially sampled music as it shows just how differently we as individuals hear our favorite songs. When listening at the samples used in U Don’t Know me, I think it’s pretty safe to say that no two people would have put things together the way Armand Van Helden did.

Listen and enjoy

12” version available on Beatport here

Armand Van Helden “U Don’t Know Me” also referred to as Armand Van Helden “You Don’t Know Me”

Album: 2Future4U
Released: 1999
Record Label: Armed

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  1. I loved this track back in the day (I have it on CD single). As you say, it still sounds fresh today – and now it’s even 2014, not 2011! This was really interesting to read. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I couldn’t agree more – this track is still a banger. I’m super stoked about AVH’s Duck Sauce project “Quack Is Back” finally releasing an album.

      You should check it out, it has a similar feel good, old school kind of vibe

  2. I’m just glad there are more ppl like me out there who are also STILL pumped when listening to house classics like this one…

    just my 5 cents :)

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