The Baddest Man Alive – RZA ft The Black Keys – Tune Of The Week

This week’s Tune Of The Week has been on repeat for at least 2 months, but somehow I never got around to posting it. “The Baddest Man Alive” is a collaborative effort from The Black Keys and the RZA taken off the soundtrack to the Tarantino produced blaxpoitation picture “The Man With The Iron Fists”.

The Baddest Man Alive – RZA featuring the Black Keys

The thing I enjoy the most about this record is the bad muthafucka vibe that the guitar is putting out, which is second only to the ridiculous lyrics. The animal inspired quips are my favourite by far:

I’ll grab a crocodile by it’s tail

Tell a great white shark to go and brush his teeth

I had previously posted another record from the movie soundtrack in the #coverversion Friday section; The Revelations feat. Tre Williams – “I Forgot To Be Your Lover”

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