The Weekend Dirty Diana #coverversion

The Weeknd – D.D.(Dirty Diana) #coverversion Friday

This week’s cool cover version comes from the fuzzy haired Abel Tesfaye, or as you probably know him The Weeknd. Today being Friday and all, it seemed appropriate.

The track being covered is Michael Jackson’s iconic bitch slap track Dirty Diana. The Weeknd launches in to it with a surprisingly accurate rending of MJs vocal – no mean feat. I love this version, which he’s entitled D.D.

It’s not perfect though, things get pitchy in spots and MJs range takes him to task at the end. But the massive (massive) beat driving it along and the sheer ambition of this track make it a worthwhile cover version.

D.D. is taken off Echoes Of Silence, which is available as a free download

The Weekend Dirty Diana #coverversion
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