Three Friends Named Meg Lost In Costa Rica. Reward Offered.

Recently, three friends of mine went missing in Costa Rica. Coincidentally, they’re all named Meg. I haven’t seen my 3 Megs in a while, and I’m getting worried. Life is so different with no Megs.

Until a few months back, my 3 Megs and I would have fun every day. We would watch adorable videos on Youtube,(cute Meg loves cats ) listen to our favourite songs on Soundcloud (hot Meg likes the club stuff) and do productive things on Trello (smart Meg is always busy). Now, those places feel barren and empty with 0 Megs instead of 3… I can’t load, I can’t buffer and I barely sync anymore…

2014-04-02 08.41.45

I’ve gone looking for my 3 Megs everywhere. Here’s me looking for them at my house.


No sign of them at all. Nothing even close to one Meg. The worst part, is I’m sure that if I got a message to them, I could find them. Only… I can’t reach out to them via email. Or Twitter. Or Facebook.

 With no Megs in my life, it’s like the whole world is so…disconnected

Next, I went looking for my Megs in the park. I saw signs there saying that ICE had some Megs. Maybe some of them were mine! But no, these were not the Megs I was looking for. In fact, I’m not sure there were any Megs there at all… I also know ICE has a fortress there, and they have been accused of withholding some people’s Megs inside. I’m pretty sure they have mine.


What have you done with my Megs ICE?! Where are they!

scr0003  4-2-2014 0003

Finally, I searched at my office. My Megs and I used to do all sorts or busy, work-y things there – email, presentations, oh the memories. So I took one last look around, and for a minute, just a minute, I felt their presence.

But alas, it was not them. Not even one of them. Just a ghost of a Meg. A faint trace of a Meg that once was. 0.03 Mbps. Megs Barely Present Still…Oh, how I Miss My 3 Megs.

So, if you or anyone you know finds my 3 Megs, please send them back to me. I’ll pay you a reward. In fact, if you get my 3 Megs to me, I’ll pay you a reward every month – just so they can be with me. Sort of like a ‘fee’ if you will. I have no problem giving you the money every single month, just as long as I have my Megs…

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