Throwback – my cure for homesickness

I’ve been in Costa Rica for a  couple of weeks now, and I must admit – I’ve started to get a little home sick. The two things I really miss from back home are the food and the music. Costa Ricans aren’t big on soul music, and I’ve been jonesing to hear a little Marvin Gaye or a drop of Betty White. So, in an effort to feel a little more at home, I merged two of my favourite types of music – soul and house. The set is a throwback to some of my favourite old school tunes. While this may not be the most technically slick set I’ve ever put down (I have a small apartment and can’t make too much noise, so the mix is a little wobbly) it certainly did make me feel better, even if it does have a few warts.

  1. Just Like Music. Source: Marvin Gaye – Just Like Music
  2. Hit The Road. Source: Ray Charles – Hit The Road Jack
  3. Stepping Out. Source: Bobby Caldwell – What you Won’t Do For Love
  4. Friends. Source: Incognito – Still A Friend Of Mine
  5. Livin’. Source: Michael Jackson -Off The Wall
  6. I’m Your. Source: Stevie Wonder – Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours
  7. Hey Mr BJ. Source Zhane – Hey Mr DJ
  8. Could You Be Loved. Source: Bob Marley – Could You Be Loved
  9. Gimme The Night. Source: George Benson – Give Me The Night
  10. Any Love. Source: Rufus and Chaka Khan – Any Love
  11. I Want You. Source: Marvin Gaye – I Want You

I’ll try and find somewhere I can make a bit more noise so that I can put together something a little tidier soon. Have fun listening.

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