Tommy Kaira GTR spoils my year.

Just when I thought that I had finally made peace with the fact that I won’t be getting a GTR this year, Tommy Kaira and his band of crazy tuners and designers have come along spoiled my year. You see, I was over the GTR. I really was. We’d moved on and were past the awkwardness, the blushing and the foot shuffling. It didn’t matter if  I happened to see her in the street – we were cool. None of that look away and pretend I didn’t see you business. But now, she’s got a new outfit and I think she’s more beautiful than ever. I can’t stop thinking about her, even when I’m driving my current car. This is wrong and I know I should stop it, but I just, well, can’t.

But can you blame me – I mean just look at her! She’s codenamed ‘silverwolf’ and I’m willing to bet that  her bark is every bit as mean as her bite.

Hit play to see more images of the Tommy Kaira SilverWolf GTR

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