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After getting the new Roots album ‘How I Got Over” I’ve been playing through my entire Roots collection (‘Duck Down!‘ is still one of my favourites) and reading up a bit more about the band’s latest activities. Here’s an interview with ?uestlove on Hip Hop DX about the new album(How I Got Over), the band’s move to the Jimmy Fallon show and the past couple of years making music.

Catching up with Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson is basically picking a genius’ brain. He ducks the term “genius” though and prefers “student”, explaining that being in a constant state of learning leaves you less prone to emotional meltdowns. He and his comrades are adjusting to their new lives right now, while welcoming longtime friend and fellow Soulquarian James Poyser into the fold. The band is employed by NBC, and despite being artists, they are still responsible for attending sensitivity workshops and other seminars hosted by most companies’ HR departments. They’re also not allowed to travel over 1,000 miles away on a Sunday, as they have to report to work Monday morning. The perks balance the corporate jargon though; while ?uestlove was holed up in the employee break room conducting interviews, Ben & Jerry’s delivered cases of ice cream to The Roots for mentioning them in a segment on Late Night.

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