Use NFC to connect your Android phone to your car

Use NFC to connect your Android phone to your car radio

I’ve been using an NFC tag with my Android phone for a while now, but only to perform very basic functions. Pretty much all it did was to silence my phone when I got to the office.

Now I’ve used NFC to do a little more and make using my phone in the car a little easier. NFC (which stands for Near Field Communications) allows you to use small RFID tags (like on your EZ Pass) to trigger actions on your phone. All you to is touch your NFC capable phone to an NFC tag (which can store a small amount of data) and the action or actions saved to the tag will run.

Here’s the recipe that I’ve set up to run when I tap my phone to the car radio:
Android NFC Triggers


The app I use to set this up is called Trigger, available here

The radio itself doesn’t have any NFC functionality, but I bought these cheap little NFC stickers on Amazon (about $6). When they’re stuck to the underside of the radio, they’re basically invisible.




Here are two tags mounted on the underside of my car radio:


NFC Stickers on Car Radio


It’s a pretty small thing, but it does save me the hassle of having to do all of that manually every time I get in the car. Are you using NFC tags to do anything cool in your car?

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