Using MXit on your PC

I found this post on the uber cool WebAddict blog and I know that you’ll find this info very useful (if you haven’t already gotten it from their very informative blog)

The previous posts about MXit have become so popular that I thought I’d give you a little more info. So you want to Access MXit from you computer? What is the use of sitting at the PC and having the screen blurr when you cell (mobile) phone’s GPRS is active?

Ok, You’ll need 2 things to run MXit on you PC:

1. Firstly you’ll need Java, which you can get at You’ll see a big green “Free Java Download” button on the homepage. Just click it and follow the instructions to install Java.

2. Next you’ll need to install MXitPC, which you can get at Same story, you’ll see on the homepage a blue “Free Download” button near the bottom of the page. Just click it and wait for it to automatically download and install.

Once those 2 things are installed, you open the mpowerplayer application and search for mxit in the provided search box. Click on the MXit logo that was returned in the search results and bingo, you have MXit on your PC.

Try it out – your thumbs will thank you 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Using MXit on your PC”

  1. Hi Lester…

    I use Mxit for PC Beta and it’s very lekker…you can reply quicker and your thumbs are not screaming for dear life after the first paragraph…I like to bubble, so luckily now, I can type as fast as I think.


  2. lately I have started using on my PC.
    it works pretty well, no need to download anything and has the same interface I have in my mobile ( and the best feature is the free SMS I can send to my friends from web and form wap. love it!!!

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