Web Safe Fonts for CSS3

While editing the CSS font properties for one of the plugins on this blog I went in search of list of Websafe fonts that I can easily reference when writing or editing CSS. I found a very good list here, you should visit the link if you want to know why these fonts are classed as web safe.

Here is a list of web safe fonts to use on your next projects. The extra good news is that this list includes fonts for Linux users as well.

You can have a look at the list of web safe CSS3 fonts below, or you can download them as a text file. 

  Web Safe CSS3 fonts (1.3 KiB, 482 hits)

Web Safe CSS3 fonts

font-family:Arial,'DejaVu Sans','Liberation Sans',Freesans,sans-serif; font-family:'Arial Narrow','Nimbus Sans L',sans-serif; font-family:'Arial Black',Gadget,sans-serif; font-family:'Bookman Old Style',Bookman,'URW Bookman L','Palatino Linotype',serif; font-family:'Century Gothic',futura,'URW Gothic L',Verdana,sans-serif; font-family:'Comic Sans MS',cursive; font-family:Consolas,'Lucida Console','DejaVu Sans Mono',monospace; font-family:'Courier New',Courier,'Nimbus Mono L',monospace; font-family:Constantina,Georgia,'Nimbus Roman No9 L',serif; font-family:Helvetica,Arial,'DejaVu Sans','Liberation Sans',Freesans,sans-serif font-family:Impact, Haettenschweiler, 'Arial Narrow Bold', sans-serif; font-family:'Lucida Sans Unicode','Lucida Grande','Lucida Sans','DejaVu Sans Condensed',sans-serif; font-family:Cambria,'Palatino Linotype','Book Antiqua','URW Palladio L',serif; font-family:symbol,'Standard Symbols L'; font-family:'Tahoma',sans-serif; font-family:Cambria,'Times New Roman','Nimbus Roman No9 L','Freeserif',Times,serif; font-family:'Trebuchet MS',sans-serif; font-family:Verdana,Geneva,'DejaVu Sans',sans-serif; font-family:Webdings,fantasy; font-family:Wingdings,fantasy; font-family:'Monotype Corsiva','Apple Chancery','ITC Zapf Chancery','URW Chancery L',cursive; font-family:'Monotype Sorts',dingbats,'ITC Zapf Dingbats',fantasy;



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