Why I get less work done at the office than at home

I really don’t like working in an office. I get less work done and I generally get pissed off at some point during the day. Like today.

5 Reason Why I Get Less Done At The Office:

  1. I have to wear severely uncomfortable clothes, a.k.a professional, formal clothing. This distracts me. I’m either too hot or too cold, depending on the aircon (which I can’t control). And none of this shirt and tie shit was made with comfort in mind. I feel like I’m being punished.
  2. I’m uncomfortable. Our office doesn’t have particularly nice gear, so the chair I sit in for 10-12 hours a day makes my back hurt. Office management says a new chair is too expensive. I’ve tried to have them do the math: Assign a dollar value to the amount of time I spend a)being pissed at the chair and not working and b) bitching about the chair and not working. I think you’ll find that even the most expensive chair you can find comes in pretty cheap. Yes, I bitch that much. Also, I have no space to put my feet due to all the shit under my desk (ups, cable, phone lines, other feet, etc). It bugs the hell out of me. I wind up accidentally kicking my pc, or someone else at least once a day, which I’m sure is bad.
  3. People keep interrupting me. This is a biggie. When I work from home I can go for hours without having to speak to anyone, I can just work. This is something that ironically, I can’t do at work. People keep bugging me every 5 minutes for shit that’s really not that urgent. Which means that I don’t get any work done. I never really get to focus because just when I get into the zone, somebody calls, or comes over, or shouts at me from across the room. And it annoys the hell out of me.
  4. I’m forced to use a PC. With one monitor. I’m a mac user, and a pretty advanced one. If you quantify how much faster I work on a mac, and you’ll see that it’s cheap as sin compared to the time I waste working on Windoze. And something always breaks down, meaning IT needs to spend a week typing cryptic commands to fix the problem while breaking something completely different and unrelated.
  5. The coffee is shite. This is unforgivable. When I want to get coffee, I have to go down 7 floors, walk 5 minutes to the coffee shop and then stand in line for 10minutes. And then walk back.  Just to have coffee. That’s  about an hour wasted every day because we use crap coffee. And I am not the only one who does this insane coffee run.

Oh, and one other thing – I have to tolerate a bunch of people I would usually rather punch than talk to.

Dammit, someone’s calling me.

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