Wolfgang Gartner – Wolfgang’s Fifth-Tune Of The Week

Tomorrow night I’ll be dropping my first set outside the borders of sunny SA here in San Jose. It’s at a new club called Karma and they manager said that they’re looking for Electro beats. Now while Electro isn’t really my thing, I do need to get back in the booth, so it’s a start. While I was sifting through my tracks, I re-discovered this banger from Wolfgang Gartner. It’s a frenetic, high energy banger, and it’s insanely difficult to follow up after this, simply because the tune is so mental to start with. So, I think that this will be my closing track, making the next song the other guy’s problem 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Wolfgang Gartner – Wolfgang’s Fifth-Tune Of The Week”

    1. Yeah, they are epic! The problem I’m having now is that the tunes are actually too big for me to play. They just get too mental for the venues I’m at! Right now I’m slicing them up and creating toned down dubs to play at the tamer venues.

      I listened to the new Mark Knight collab when it dropped on Beatport, but tbh I wasn’t feeling it that much – too synthy for my taste and again – it goes a little ballistic!

      Any favourite WG tunes? So far mine is Flashback

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