Woman goes crazy with Vodacom Directory Enquiries

Edit – if you’re actually looking for the Vodacom Directory Enquiries number, dial 110 from your Vodacom cellphone or 082 110 from any other cellphone.

If you want to hear what happens when a complete nut case calls 110. Read on…

It’s not very often that I get to hear someone go completely mental. I mean completely should-be-on-medication and locked away in a room with little pills and big needles mental. But of all of thecases that I’ve heard after a few years working in a call centre, this woman takes the cake.

Here’s a little context – A female caller dials through to Vodacom looking to get the number for Avondale Centre in Durban. She’s clearly very upset at some (apparently racist) shit that went down in Avondale and would like to give them an earful, Unfortunately the Vodacom Directory enquiries agent can’t find the number she needs and that’s when the fit hits the shan…

I’m not sure of whether or not this is a prank, but if it is, then the woman calling in should be nominated for some sort of award, though I’m not sure what. And the guy who kept his cool on the phone should DEFINITELY get a prize.

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